TWiR: Neverwinter Goes Live

Chris Roberts + Star Citizen

Chris Roberts appears ever-so-briefly in our book, Dungeons & Dreamers, but in many ways we could have written an entire book on the convergence of games and Hollywood and used him as the archetype character.

Years ago when I first met Richard Garriott, he gave me a tour of the Origin Systems offices. One of the prize elements: the THX-certified sound studio. Garriott was extremely happy that his company was turning into a professional media production facility, and some of that was driven by Roberts and the Wing Commander series.

The game eventually became a movie, which prompted Electronic Arts to purchase Origin Systems. (The idea of building multi-media properties excited EA, not Richard’s massively multi-player RPGs.)

That Roberts has successfully raised $10 million for his next game is a testament to what he meant to gamers in the 1990s. His his promise of a badass PC game is yet another reminder that designers who can create great stories and great game play are always in demand.

The Game of Storytelling

I’m intrigued by the use of D&D and other role-playing games in the college classroom, particularly as a tool to teach interactive storytelling. I haven’t found a textbook or process that’s better at getting students to understand what “interactivity” means.

The best part: nobody needs to learn any technological skills to create an interactive story. Instead they simply need to understand the basics of storytelling, and the importance of building realistic reactions.

Build the world and build the reaction framework and you will get player (or reader) buy-in.

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