Tunisia 2.0, A Badass Kickstarter Project

In 1998, I went to the University of California’s Graduate School of Journalism. In my very first class, I met Jessie Deeter, a talented filmmaker who would also become one of my best friends.

If you’ve seen Who Killed the Electric Car?, Revenge of the Electric Car, Spark: A Burning Man Story, or her work on Frontline (Liberia, Death by Fire), you know that she’s a badass. If you haven’t…trust me. She is.

A few years ago, she was in Tunisia when the first spark of the Arab Spring began. She started work on a documentary about the country where the uprisings began.

Now she needs your help to finish.

She and her filmmaking partner Sara Maamouri (also of the J-School) have launched a Kickstarter project. You need to go help them out right now.

Need convincing?

You can see their work so far:

You can listen to them tell you about the story in their own words:

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