Transmedia Games in the World of the PC

Without divulging too many of our trade secrets, John and I have been kicking around the idea of including transmedia games near the end of our book. We’re not quite sure how that’s going to come to pass. Our book is singularly focused on the PC game and community experience.

Yet the idea of transmedia games, and alternate reality games in particular, strike me as something that is a worth successor the PC game.

(This, by the way, doesn’t imply that the PC game is dead. I simply mean that the next quantum leap in gaming and communities is going to be something that extends beyond the screen.)

Thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons

Since D&D plays such a prominent idea within our book, I always find it interesting to read how people approach the idea of the game.

We’ve got our own take, for sure, but it’s nice to sit back and read about the influence its had on others. Many apply the game’s lessons to other parts of their lives.

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