WONDER: The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard

This past weekend, my wife and I decided to begin saving money for an RV, which would serve two family purposes:

  • This would allow our family to travel for longer periods of time since we wouldn’t need to board the animals. We would still take our short camping trips, but come summer we could reasonable expect to travel for a few week
  • This would allow me to take writing time away from the hustle and bustle of life (while still fulfilling family duties by bringing creatures with me).

When I mentioned this on Facebook, an old family friend immediately posted this trailer forĀ Wonder: The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard:

Since I’m spending my days getting ready to write this book, I couldn’t help but order Shantyboat: A River Way of Life, which seemed to dovetail (albeit in simpler way) with the discussions that my wife and I have been having about happiness, life, and purpose.

The more I delve into the idea of the book, the more I find myself asking the fundamental questions about those three ideals.

This is the natural outgrowth of writing. To write about a subject, you have to find ways to transport yourself into their world, to understand them from afar inasmuch as you can.

You have to both inject yourself into their artifacts and remove your own biases from the world. That’s a difficult thing to do, and invariably you end up searching for the answers to happiness, life, and purpose in your subjects.

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