“White Like Me”

When I first read Black Like Me in high school, I was sick to my stomach for two reason:

  • This was the first time I experienced a hopeless despair about humanity. I wasn’t reading history (although it was set twenty years before); I was reading the now; and
  • It felt oddly strange that it took a white author to bring this home to me.

I bring this up because my mentor from Cal-Berkeley just posted a trailer for this documentary on Facebook, and it seems like a film that addresses those feelings I had (and have) lingering today.

You can purchase the film for $4.99 at Vimeo.

For years, Tim Wise’s bestselling books and spellbinding lectures have challenged some of our most basic assumptions about race in America. WHITE LIKE ME brings the full range of his work to the screen, showing how white privilege has perpetuated racial inequality and race-driven political resentments in ways most white people simply aren’t aware of.

White Like Me Trailer from MEF Digital on Vimeo.