From Whence The Kickstarter Backers Came

I’m a little behind on my So Far Appalachia writing, but I’m happy to report that full writing operations on So Far Appalachia are about to commence.

The reason for the initial delay was that my writing partner John Borland and I have just put the last touches on Dungeons & Dreamers: A story of how computer games created a global culture, a book we hoped to have finished in September. Now that we’ve moved from writing into production, I can finally turn my eyes completely towards Appalachia.

The first step in that process is sending out the first rewards: Thank You notes for all who responded to the Kickstarter survey. (If you haven’t responded, log in, and fill out that survey. If you’re not a backer, don’t worry about this.)

While writing those notes, I decided to create a little visual aid to help show what it takes to get one of these projects off the ground.