The Time We Played Axis & Allies on Spring Break

As part of a contest leading up to our book launch in March, I asked you all to submit your favorite stories about playing D&D, MMORPG, computer game, or really any community game. If you’re too concerned about the rules, you’re missing the point. It’s really pretty simple:

  1. Tell us the story you tell people when you tell them a story about “that one time when I was playing…”
  2. Write it or record it
  3. Send the link through the Contact Us page or post it on the blog
  4. I’ll grab it, create a blog post, and send it out

On Jan 1, we’ll announce the best 5 stories (who each get a pre-order version of the book). Everyone in the top 5 gets an eBook, and the best 3 get a signed copy of the print book as well.

And now the story of The Time We Played Axis & Allies on Spring Break:

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