Entry #4: Everything I know, and everything I’ve learnt is thanks to D&D.

Earlier this week, I announced that we would give away 5 copies of Dungeons & Dreamers (coming in March 2014) for the best stories about playing Dungeons & Dragons, or MMORPGS, or role-playing games, or computer games in general.

The rules aren’t really important. Telling us a good story about playing games with friends is the key to winning.

You can see the entries and demo stories here.

This story comes from Nikola, who found the blog through Board Game Geek.

* * *

I was thinking for a quiet long time about what should I tell. I could tell a lot of funny things, but for me my whole adventure with D&D is the best story ever. Story full of pizza, jokes and wonderful hours spent on creating new worlds and heroes.

We were reading in the middle of the night rulebooks, drawing maps and reading generally everything in order to find inspirations.

Even Yeats’ poems were the great source of spellbinding images. There’s one particular story connected with him: the story of three adventures in one day. It was summer. I prepared some kind of mini-campaign consisting of three parts. My friends didn’t want to wait to next meeting, I had to finish one of the greatest stories I’ve ever made and I’m pretty sure that without D&D it couldn’t be possible.

Everything I know, and everything I’ve learnt is thanks to D&D. Now I’m writing about RPGs. I’d like to study games. Actually my future now is connected with RPGs and wargames, isn’t that cool? And everything has started from simple “Let’s start playing D&D.”

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