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On February 1, we’ll launch a month-long contest on Goodreads. We’re giving away 10 pre-release copies of our book, Dungeons & Dreamers: A story of how computer games created a global community.

One of the narrative threads in the book is how the game Dungeons & Dragons influenced game developers for twenty years, and how the elements of community and storytelling from D&D have permeated virtual worlds.

In fact, it’s hard to understate how important the game has been beyond the world of computer games. In celebration of D&D’s birthday and its importance in understanding virtual culture, here’s an ever-growing list of people writing about their experiences with the game. (You can read the first part of the list here.)

  1. Dungeons & Dragon’s war stories
  2. Happy ((Belated)) Birthday Dungeons & Dragons!
  3. Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40 – how did it impact you?
  4. Dungeons & Dragons at 40: A history
  5. Happy 40th Birthday, Dungeons and Dragons
  6. Happy 40th Dungeons & Dragons!
  8. Happy 40th Birthday, Dungeons & Dragons
  9. An Epic Journey Through Time: Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40
  10. Granddad of role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons celebrates a birthday
  11. Everything I need to know about management I learned from playing Dungeons and Dragons
  12. Happy 40th Anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons!
  13. AICN Tabletop! 40th Anniversary Of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! Earthdawn! Tabletop Day! GURPS! And More!
  14. Happy Birthday, Dungeons & Dragons
  15. 40 Years of Dungeons & Dragons
  16. Dungeons & Dragons, a.k.a., “storytelling together”
  17. This documentary explores four decades of Dungeons & Dragons
  18. At 40 Years Old, Dungeons & Dragons Still Matters
  19. Dungeons & Dragons week – Part the fourth
  20. At 40, What Dungeons & Dragons Has Really Created

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