D&D: The Book…an update

The last few days have been a flurry of activity related to the book, and I wanted to give everyone a quick update as to what’s happening.


While John and I are lucky to have control over the production and distribution process this time, we’ve been even luckier to hire some talented to folks to work with us.

Thanks to our amazing designer Katelin Carter, we’ve uploaded the last proofs to IngramSpark, which is distributing the book to bookstores and online retailers. What that means is that sometime around March 1, 2014, pre-orders for the print book will go live. For those who pre-ordered an autographed copy of the book, we should get the first batch around February 16. The envelopes are pre-packaged, and continental mail takes 1-6 days.

Once IngramSpark accepts the book into its catalogue, we’ll be in touch with more than 300 bookstores across the United States as we aim to get a distribution foothold in your local, independent bookstore. (We’re selling the book through Kobo, the independent booksellers digital network.)


We’ve also uploaded the final version to Smashwords, which is distributing our digital content to retailers. We expect pre-orders to go live sometime around February 14. If you’re looking to secure your digital copy of Dungeons & Dreamers as soon as you add the book to your library at Smashwords. You’ll be able to buy the book in any digital format (from text file to Kindle file).


While I’m reticent to get excited about people who say they are going to read the book, we’re happy that more than 140 people signed up for our Goodreads book giveaway. You still have the rest of February to sign up if you’re interested.

Along with that, we’ve had 75 folks add us to their Goodreads “To Read” list. (And don’t forget, you can read an excerpt from the book at the Goodreads page.)

Regardless of the results of the giveaway, we’re planning on giving everyone who either signs up for the giveaway or lists us as “To Read” a little something for showing interest in the work before its out.

Reviews and Reviews

Finally, we’re looking forward to sharing the reviews that will be coming in the next several weeks. We’ve had some great conversations with some very cool (re: geeky) outlets that want to write about the book.

Just as important, we’re looking forward to sharing your thoughts on the book at Goodreads and Amazon (when our book goes live there). And as we get closer to the release date, we’ll open up a forum on Goodreads where we can all talk about the book.

…time passes

Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word, joined our Goodreads community, purchased an autographed copy, bookmarked the sight, joined the Facebook page, and offered us advice and critiques along the way. The journey to the starting line is almost over.

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