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One of the ideas John and I discussed throughout the writing process was how to illustrate just how impactful Dungeons & Dragons has become. More than a few people have said the game, which once served as shorthand for “geek” in the popular culture, was an creative influence early in life.

As geek culture moved into the mainstream, D&D’s emphasis on storytelling, improvisation, and community helped shape the likes of writers, actors, and filmmakers.

The most easily identifiable influence, though, is on the modern computer game, which today has turned D&D-like games into a multi-billion dollar industry. Each game is trying to both expand upon the best parts of D&D and carve out that new, creative space that will inspire the next generation of players (and creatives).

People continue to write about what D&D means to them:

You can also follow the history of RPGS and see how D&D exists online today:

It’s also interesting to see just how differently people can use role-playing games to create stories that accomplish drastically different ideas:

But just as Richard Garriott and countless other developers took D&D and transformed it into myriad computer experiences in the ’90s and ’00s, the next generation of games promises to blend our imagination and the real world:.


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