Testify, by Roger May Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia, by Roger May
Horse & Buggy Press, 2014
Price: $65

Testify is a visual love letter to Appalachia, the land of my blood. This is my testimony of how I came to see the importance of home and my connection to place. — by Roger May

So much of what The Geeky Press writer’s collective is about can be summed up in the work of Roger May, an Appalachian photographer whom I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting through Kickstarter and Twitter. While we’ve never met, our project-related stories are eerily similar.

We’re each Appalachian by family, yet removed from the area. Later in life, we returned home and sought to make some meaning about our experiences and tell them to a larger audience.

Like me, Roger launched his Kickstarter project so that he could create the story he wanted for an audience that cared. I launched my So Far AppalachiaKickstarter around the same time, and I stalked him since ours were the only two Appalachia-based projects at the time.

As of tonight, I’m holding Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Roger’s project.

Not that he’s stopped to celebrate much. He’s already working on a new project, Looking at Appalachia, that “will look at Appalachia fifty years after the declaration of the War on Poverty. Drawing from a diverse population of photographers within the region, this new crowdsourced image archive will serve as a reference that is defined by its people as opposed to political legislation.”

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