On July 23, 6 author will gather at Indy Reads Books as part of the first Downtown Writers Jam hosted by The Geeky Press. We’ve now curated those authors, and we wanted to introduce you to our fifth — and final — brave soul: Andrew Neylon.

Andrew HeadshotAndrew Neylon recently graduated from Ball State University with a degree in English Literature and now works as a production assistant for local commercials at Comcast Spotlight in Indianapolis.

While at Ball State University Andrew co-directed and crowd funded two short films, worked as a script-writer on two playwriting projects, reviewed theatrical productions with the radio station WCRD, served as a member of the Invictus Writers, and was named the top speaker in the nation competitively at the 2014 National Forensics Association tournament as a member of the BSU Forensics Team.

His journey as a writer began by studying the lyrics of his dad’s favorite prog-rock bands from the 1970s, Groovy.

You can follow him on his website or on Twitter @AndrewNeylon.

You can also purchase his book.

At The Downtown Writers Jam 

What’s the name of the piece from which your DWJ story comes? “The Long War”

What was the question or idea that sparked that original piece? Brad King asking me to tell him the story of my life in ten minutes. Then Brad and five other writers telling me that I had no idea what the story of my life was. Then a very heart-breaking act of dramatic irony.

What should the audience expect from your storytelling at the Downtown Writers Jam? The goal is always, as the late Philip Seymour Hoffman put it in Almost Famous, to be “honest and unmerciful”.

Get to Reading

Best book or long-form writing we should read, but probably haven’t? And why? As an avid reader of comics (graphic novels if, like Iggy Azalea, you consider yourself fancy) I eagerly recommend Daytripper by Brazilian twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. It’s a tale enamored with the nature of storytelling and manages to simultaneously be light, accessible, and mainly about the concept of death and quantum mechanics. For anybody who still thinks comics are just for kids this will swiftly silence you.

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