The hardest part of writing isn’t writing. I love writing. I love turning off everything in the house, delving into the world in my head, and bringing life to the page. I find a great solace in that, and if I go too long between sessions I start to get itchy.

For me, the writing is easy.

Instead, the hardest part of writing is making time to write. Whenever I set aside time for me, invariably something encroaches upon it. Instead of standing firm, I find myself pushing my time to the side because I can always just reschedule me.

But here’s the problem. There’s always a reason not to write. There’s always a reason to push aside my writing time or to devalue its importance in my life for other, more pressing issues.

The fortunate part of this problem is that it is self-imposed. The forces that keep me from writing are within my own grasp. It’s a me problem, which means it’s a fixable one.

The Solution: #500words

For the rest of March and all of April, I’m going to make time to write 500 words each day.

I have no expectations about what those words will be, or if those words will be good. That’s not the point.

Certainly I have two projects (So Far Appalachia, The Summer of Run) that need attention, but I’m not worried about cramming the words into that pigeonhole. Instead, I want to get back to valuing my time as a writer, and making my work a priority…at least for a few minutes a day.

I’d love to have other writers join me along the way. Don’t worry about what you produce. What’s important is giving yourself the space to write each day. When you’re done:

  • You can use the #500words hashtag on Twitter or Instagram;
  • Share your success here on the site in our comments; or
  • Just enjoy the writing.

So enough of the introduction, and on with #500words.

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