Fiction Unboxed Fiction Unboxed by Johnny B. Truant
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I picked up Fiction Unboxed after finishing Write. Publish. Repeat.. While the book isn’t a direct follow up, it felt like a spiritual sequel. The book is a narrative explanation of how they approached building and running their Kickstarter campaign, and then an explanation of how they produced a book in 30 days.

This isn’t a how-to book. Like much of Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant’s non-fiction, it’s more of a peek behind the curtain. The authors don’t delve too deeply into the process of writing (there’s a lot of talk of polishing and parallel editing, but there’s not any discussion of how that works), but they do present a philosophical overview of what how to approach a Kickstarter campaign.

That’s not an entirely bad thing. Writers need to find their own way through the indie publishing route, and Platt & Truant’s non-fiction books are a great help in that way. The book is breezy, which makes it a perfect companion to Write. Publish. Repeat.. If you’re still working out how you want to approach indie publishing, you won’t find better than these books for readability, content, and direction.

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