I’m supposed to be working on So Far Appalachia on this writing retreat. And I am. But when I have 24 hours to think about whatever I want, my mind wanders to all the projects I’ve never had time to start.
One that I’ve been kicking around for years is called Faith, Fully, a collaborative letter-writing project that would take place with my friends of various faiths and explore singular topics in great depth.
The goal of the project isn’t to change minds. It’s not to make fun or mock. instead, it’s an empathy project, one meant to use storytelling to understand how and why people think and believe the way they do.

Here’s how it would work

  1. I’d choose a topic for a letter exchange. For instance, the first topic would be: “What is life, and how did it begin?”
  2. Then I’d ask my friends to write a letter answering that question through the lens of their faith. (I’d love paper letters and then an email with that letter’s contents)
  3. I would post the letters on my blog under the “FaithFully” tag and I’d link the letters together so that people can easily how everyone answered the big topic.
  4. Once all the letters were posted, I’d give everyone the chance to read the letters + write a reflection of what you read. (Again, not to convince or argue, but a reflection of your own views.)
  5. Once we reached ten topics, I would publish Vol. 1 of the letters as a book through The Geeky Press.

Get Involved

So to make this happen, I first need to find interested parties from a cross-section of faiths. (Or, like me, people of no faith.) Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer. That’s not a requirement.

I’m simply looking for people who are willing to write and discuss their own, personal faith in a public forum. If you agree, I promise that I’ll moderate any external comments on my website that belittle or mock your responses. The goal, after all, is to create an intelligent dialogue and explore the ways that we each think.

If you think you’d like to play, you can contact me through the site or leave a comment with your contact information.

Photo by Kevin Dooley. Used under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Attribution License. Original photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/2737698737