The Great Writing Adventure Begins 

Several years ago, I told my wife Rebecca that my biggest regret was that I no longer had time to write.

I hadn’t meant for that to happen. In fact, I couldn’t even tell you when — or how — it happened. Only that one day I noticed that the joy and happiness I’d once felt in life had been replaced by stress and tension. My life and work had been overtaken by the things that overtake all of us. The river had carried me along, and before I knew it I was lost along the shores in the wilderness.

In the midst of that angst, I told my wife that I needed a radical change: Two years to reignite the writing career I left behind eleven years ago. To focus solely and only on writing to see what — if anything — I could do. Two years to set aside as much as I could, and wade back into the writing currents.

That’s not an easy thing to do when you’re Of A Certain Age. At least it doesn’t appear to be an easy thing from the outside. But I was traveling on a path that was surely not sustainable. I was fighting against the river’s currents and losing. And so what didn’t appear easy from the outside felt like the last, and only, choice from the inside.

When the decision was made and gears began to grind, the engine didn’t run as smoothly as I’d hoped. The sparks and grinding caused more destruction than I’d hoped. (The best laid plans, and all.)

But time marches forward, never much one to linger on the bad decisions of people like me. Or you, really. Time just marches. Which inexorably had led us to today.

I — we — are are on the precipice of this new thing. At ten o’clock tomorrow, I leave for Pittsburgh, my home for the next two years. I’ll soon begin a new job as the editor and director of a publishing press. And I’ll spend my mornings and evenings writing, finishing up one book and beginning major editorial revisions on a second. (And, the writing gods willing, I have a monthly project in the works.)

Rebecca is staying in Indianapolis, as much for me as for her. She’s spent a lifetime building her career in this city. I’d say she was the queen of this city, but her title was earned. And she’s on the edge of true and mighty things.

We will travel to see each other each month, and we will continue on with our lives as we have for the last five years: together and in our own way. We aren’t sure what this will  mean for the future, but we’re also not worried about that uncertainty.

We are simply packed and ready to go: onward!

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