Watch Me DisappearWatch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown
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Watch Me Disappear is the best kind of mystery.

Author Janelle Brown allows her story to unfold slowly, taking the time to let the characters breathe, and giving the reader the opportunity to invest in the world where the story takes place. What she so deftly does is create complicated characters who can’t easily be pigeon-holed into archetypes, and who can’t easily be described as either good or bad.

Her characters — Jonathan, Billie, Olive — come with flaws, but their motivations are grounded in a goodness. Or at least a goodness that makes sense within the context of who they are in the book.

In other words: She’s written a story about characters who you already know in real life.

She traded in the cheap plot twists designed to get you to turn the page, and instead let her characters pull you into their world as they desperately — and sometimes not so desperately — tried to unravel the mystery of Billie’s disappearance.

Honestly, I couldn’t put the book down. Which is a good thing because the last two pages were everything!

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