Raccoon Creek Upper Pond Not Creepy

Racoon Creek: A Creepy Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, I went for An Eventful Hike in Frick Park. Today, I headed to Raccoon Creek State Park for what I hoped would be a 9-mile, cathartic hike. What I didn’t expect: a creepy — and challenging — hike (made all the more as I listened to Neil Gaiman narrate his book Neverwhere.)

I came across the first, creepy demon mud mound less than a mile into the hike. I continued to see them for the next four hours. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the hike had three one-half to three-quarter mile stretches with the brush so high that I couldn’t see my feet. I just powered through, knocking the branches and sticker bushes away from my face while hoping that I wasn’t going to step on a family of snakes or spiders.

(I also had a moment where I wondered why I hadn’t yet purchased hiking pants or long-sleeve hiking shirts.)

Of course, this is why I love hiking. I wasn’t quite able to zone out because of the terrain, but I did spend a gorgeous, late afternoon out in nature! (Hover over the pictures to see the captions!)

Creepy Mud Things

This Doesn’t Look Creepy, But…

A few years ago, I ran a Pisgah National Forest trail while training for the Grandfather Mountain Marathon.

The run was unexceptional save for one moment: when I nearly stepped on a family (family?!?) of snakes because the brush was too thick for me to see the ground.

I try very hard not to think about that moment. But I thought about it A LOT today.

Creepy Blair Witch Thing

Raccoon Creek Creepy Blair Witch

When you’re on a solo 9-mile hike, nobody wants to meet The Blair Witch or The Wicker Man.

It’s Not All Creepy

Raccoon Creek Not Creepy Traverse Creek Bridge

Most of the trail was gorgeous (even the muddy horse trail portions), giving you time to breathe in nature!

What’s Your Best Creepy Hike

I love hearing your stories. What’s your best WTF hiking story?

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  • Emily June 17, 2018   Reply →

    My ex led me to an off-trail campsite in Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Back-country camping was his thing and we were dating then. I wanted to see what it was like, and I’m sure he wanted to see how I handled it. He ‘accidentally’ led us far off the trail, atop what felt like a small mountain. There was no clear way down. I had a panic attack atop the mountain. We slid down the hill and literally had to throw our 30-lb packs down huge embankments and climb down tree roots and cross creeks to get back to the trail. If I’d seen any Blair Witchy stuff I would have gone into full cardiac arrest. We eventually found the unofficial path again but I was pretty sure that if one of us had broken a bone or become otherwise incapacitated, no one would have found us since we were so far from the official park trail.

    • Brad King June 17, 2018   Reply →

      That’s not cool! I’m a big believer in staying ON the trail. Glad you made it down and avoided The Blair Witch!

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