Canoe Adventures

North Park: Water Works and Adventure

Hiking season is here, which means I’m anxious to find as much adventure as possible.

As I’ve done so many times in my life, I may have over-estimated my general fitness this early in the season. My shakeout hike in Frick Park was a nice way to start the season. The rolling hills aren’t too bad. However, the ease of the hike gave me an over-inflated confidence. Friday’s nine-ish mile hike through the creepy, muddy, up-and-down trail at Raccoon Creek knocked me on my butt. (Fun fact: I slept nearly thirteen hours between Friday and Saturday and still couldn’t lift weights on Sunday.)

Adventure with Water

Fortunately, North Park provided everything I wanted on a Sunday: a flat hike around a lake. While I came for the walk, I really wanted to get in the water with everyone else. (I didn’t want to do the massive ropes course run by Go Ape. That’s a whole lot of nope for me, although I seemed to be a minority on Sunday)

Non-Adventure Adventure

On Lake Shore Drive (away from the more trafficked areas), I found the lounging areas. There were plenty of shelters, fishing areas, and open green spaces. Of course, I stopped with anyone who looked like they wanted to chat!

Dog Adventure

North Park Hydrant

Dog friendly!

Maxx wasn’t with me on this trip, but I couldn’t help but think about him all day!

I don’t think he would have enjoyed the hike since it was on concrete. There wasn’t much to smell.

However, North Park has a giant off-leash dog run. I took a quick peek. There were dogs upon dogs. (I had to fight the urge to join the fun since I didn’t have Mr. Maxx with me.)

Still, I’d have a hard time bringing my boy with me to this park since he couldn’t participate in much of the fun. (He would have enjoyed the two ice cream places. I do know that.)

Adventure Time

North Park definitely ruined me for the week. I woke up this morning wondering when I could get back to the park. (It’s only twenty-five minutes north of Pittsburgh, so the answer is “whenever I want to go.”)

So—what’s your go to park exerience?

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