Upper Panther Hollow Trail Throne

The Magnificent Mr. Maxx in Schenley Park

The story of Magnificent Mr. Maxx in three pictures.

Tonight’s 4.5-mile hike was tame. I love Schenley Park, but it’s made for mountain biking, running, and walking your dog. Oh, and it’s good for streams and water, which is where we meet Mr. Maxx. I think he’s trying to catch up because he missed the water in both North Park and Raccoon Creek.

Lower Panther Hollow Trail, a new adventure

Lower Panther Hollow Trail

We hadn’t made it to the bottom of Schenley Park until tonight.

“Water I haven’t be in yet, dad”

Lower Panther Hollow Trail Stream

Once he eyeballed the stream at the bottom of the trail we were in full RUN LIKE BANDITS mode. He was trying to figure out if he could make the leap from the overhand (about 15 meters high) to the creek. When we reached the bottom, he ran to the water and started rolling around in it.

The Magnificent Mr. Maxx

Upper Panther Hollow Trail Throne

We must stop each time we pass the throne. Nearing the end of our 4.5-mile hike, the sun broke through the woods. The Magnificient Mr. Maxx took his rightful place on his throne.

Is Your Dog a Water Dog?

Okay, friends. I know The Magnificent Mr. Maxx can’t be the only water dog out there. What’s your favorite water dog story!

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