Review: The View from Flyover Country

The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten AmericaThe View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten America by Sarah Kendzior
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s much to enjoy about the book.⁣

She’s good at turning a phrase. I have a system for marking quotable quotes. Each column had one or two really good turn-of-phrases. (That may not sound like much, but I dare you to try it.)⁣

The book contained so many themes from SO FAR APPALACHIA that I had to like it. But her columns were responding to events—from just a few years ago—in real time. This felt like a walk back through history.⁣

Since these are columns and not essays, you can quickly knock through chapters and parts. (An agent once called them “bathroom reads” because you can leave the book in the bathroom and knock out a chapter or two each trip. Yes—welcome to the publishing world. These books sell REALLY well as you can imagine. 💩)⁣

If you’re a progressive, you’ll enjoy the politics. And—she’s not passive about her arguments. That’s a rarity.⁣

This is less a view of flyover country and more a response to flare-ups in flyover country.⁣ Still, I sat down and read the book in one sitting because it’s smart, well-written, on point, and unapologetic. I dig that.⁣

The only thing I didn’t enjoy—and this is truly a personal preference: I prefer essays to columns. (Writerly nerd out.)⁣ I prefer a depth of subject to the short, news-hook argument.⁣ BUT that’s not what she was writing and so it’s not really fair for me to judge it on that basis.

So—pick up the book. You won’t be sorry.

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