Review: The Man on the Mountaintop (An Audible Original Drama)

The Man on the Mountaintop: An Audible Original DramaThe Man on the Mountaintop: An Audible Original Drama by Susan Trott
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When it comes to audio books, I prefer full cast productions to single narrated ones (with the exception of Wil Wheaton, who is awesome). Because of that, I’ve started exploring Audible’s original audio plays, which are sometimes based on older books and sometimes created as original stories.⁣

THE MAN ON THE MOUNTAINTOP is the former and it’s based upon Susan Trott’s 1996 book THE HOLY MAN.⁣

The play is a series of parables told through the stories of people who are waiting in a long line to meet with Joe, the Holy Man, who lives in a hermitage at the top of a mountain.⁣

These types of books—THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY—aren’t typically in my wheelhouse; however, I found Toby Jones’ performance as Joe and Stanley Tucci’s as the narrator compelling enough to allow me to forget some of the more clichéd parables. (I’m sure had I picked up a paperback I wouldn’t have finished reading, but the two audio performances really did create a sense of familiarity and character.)⁣

And that’s probably the most limiting factor for this audio performance. If you aren’t keen on the self-help-guru story, you’ll find your mind wandering. ⁣

The good news: You can wander a bit with this story and still never really lose track of what’s happening since each of the tales is only loosely tied together. You can miss a bit here and there and still understand exactly what’s happening.⁣

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