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Episode 53: Trevor Wood: I’m never quite sure what we’re getting into on the Jam. In this episode, author and playwright Trevor Wood took me on a journey that weaved through his time in the Royal Navy, then to becoming a playwright, and on to writing his first novel, The Man on the Street. Most writers travel a circuitous path on their way to publishing, but Trevor’s is one of the most interesting we’d had on the show. Buckle up and pour a stiff drink.

Listen to a Clip

While author Trevor Wood and I certainly covered a great deal of ground, from his time in the Royal Navy to writing a debut crime novel, The Man on the Street, this is a pretty accurate depiction of how the conversation went down.

About Trevor Wood

Trevor Wood has lived in Newcastle for 25 years and considers himself an adopted Geordie, though he still can’t speak the language. He’s a successful playwright who has also worked as a journalist and spin-doctor for the City Council.

Prior to that he served in the Royal Navy for 16 years joining, presciently,  as a Writer. Trevor holds an MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) from UEA. His first novel, The Man on the Street, which is set in his home city, will be published by Quercus in Spring 2020. He is represented by Oli Munson at AM Heath.


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