What started out as a streaming audio show at Wired in 2000 morphed into this little program in my tiny corner of the Internet.

Author and publisher Brad King hosts The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast, this hour-long, one-on-one interview program where authors discuss the horrible choices they made in life that led them down the road to writing. Sometimes there is whiskey. Oftentimes there is cursing. But always entertaining. (My friends wouldn’t lie to me, right?)

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Episode 55: Michael Seese: Author Michael Seese went from writing business books to writing children’s books. But he did that in the most modern way possible. He wrote The Extraordinary eTab Of Julian Newcomber, tapping the story on his phone while his young son was at football practice. The only unexpected consequence: now he has two more books to write because the other children are waiting for their stories!

About Michael Seese

Michael Seese has published four books, not to mention a lot of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

His latest, The Extraordinary eTab Of Julian Newcomber, answers that nagging question in the back of every child’s mind: what’s a 12-year-old to do when his future self walks out of a closet, and enlists his help to avoid polluting the timeline of history?


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