Los Suns

In a cynical time, it’s good to remember that sports — when it’s done right, and so rarely is it done so — reflects the very best of who we are a people. One group, dedicated to a single goal. For one night, in protest of the draconian immigration law passed in the state of […]

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Social Media + Your Friendships

Finally, other material in the report indicates that texting is happening in addition to other forms of social interaction. Thus, another interpretation is that teens actually have more access and more informal, casual contact because of texting. This is because texting is woven into the flow of other activities. In essence their friends are always […]

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Mystery Men: Smash Mouth, “Allstar”

It’s finals weekend, which means I’m trapped in the kitchen baking goodies for the kids who survived Bradpocalypse Spring 2010. It’s the least I can do. It’s also movie weekend. I treated myself to this forgotten gem (with Janeane Garafalo, on whom I have a little crush left over from when she used to be […]

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Sick (89 of 90)

It’s the last day of the 90 in 90 challenge and I’m a day behind. As I have been for the last few weeks. Although I have an actual excuse this time: I’m sick. I don’t fight that feeling in the way that I used to. In my younger days, I would ignore the onset […]

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The Axis of Awesome

My pal Glenn Platt posted this link on Facebook and I had to share for one reason: people get offended when I tell them I have little room for music in my life. I have tried to explain that I’m extremely fond of talented musicians, but most music doesn’t fall into that category. And I […]

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Words (85 of 90)

I’ve been contemplating the nature of words, particularly the ineffectiveness in terms of conveying information in a real way. This came up, as it always comes up, after a conversation from a different time and place. One that I hadn’t expected to have. That I’d intentionally set about not having. Because words – these precious […]

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