The D&D Week in Review: D&D Goes Big Bang

Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar: Raj Has to “Tackle His Own Demons” for Lucy, via The portrayal of Dungeons & Dragons on television has almost universally been as shorthand to establish that the characters are socially awkward. It’s sloppy writing but when you’re trying to cram jokes and plot into 22-minutes, backstories fall by […]

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Reality Forgotten: A D&D Fan Film

I’ve grown quite fond of fan films throughout the years, particularly clever shorts. “Reality Forgotten” is one that is more clever than film, and anyone who has ever played D&D will recognize this particular scenario. Author Jack Vance Passed Away Author Jack Vance, who had a profound impact on Dungeons & Dragons, passed away. Here […]

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Towards a Solar Powered Appalachia

Twelve years ago, I wrote a short 3-part series at that focused on the disconnect between Appalachia and emerging technologies, particularly broadband access and high-tech business development. The crux of the issue was that rural counties far away from the national highway system had nearly no access to universal high-speed broadband coverage, which meant […]

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Games in Film: A Tale of Two Movies

Video Games: The Movie I just came across this Kickstarter campaign to help fund the post-production for this documentary on video games: I’ll be donating to the cause on June 1, and you should consider it as well. I never grow tired of hearing designers and developers discuss how they made games. However, I look […]

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A Return to Ultima (ish)

A few years ago, it seemed as if the MMORPG world had passed Richard Garriott by. He’d had two rather contentious breakups with corporations, Electronic Arts and NCSoft, and he seemed more interested in pursuing his dream of going to outer space. Two years ago, Garriott re-emerged at the SXSW Accelerator, an event I emcee […]

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Games, Violence, and What We Know

In 2001, John  and I were approached by McGraw Hill with a book idea that explored the research behind video games and violence. As fate would have it, we were nearly finished with a proposal about games and communities. While we rejected the idea of a book based on violence, we did include a chapter […]

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