Film: The Melungeons

The ‘Lost Tribe of Appalachia, via Legacy of the Lost Tribe’s Origin, via Melungeon Secret Solved, Sort of, via I’d never heard the term Melungeon until I worked at Wired. While I was there our science writer Kristen Philipkoski wrote a series of pieces about genetics and Appalachia. Since then, I’ve learned […]

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TWiR: Neverwinter Goes Live

Neverwinter is Now Live, via Connected Digital World Neverwinter Review: Welcome to D&D Infinite, via The Escapist Neverwinter Review, via Forbes Neverwinter game site, via Perfect World Chris Roberts + Star Citizen How Star Citizen sells a starship, via vr-zone Star Citizen game website, via Roberts Space Industries Star Citizen Kickstarter page, via Kickstarter Chris […]

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Indie Game: The Movie

I spent the weekend sick on the couch. As such, I only had enough strength to click the play button on Netflix. After months of putting off watching Indie Game: The Movie, I finally ran out of excuses. The documentary initially caught my attention for two reasons: It’s Kickstarter funding, and It’s attention to small […]

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Hollow the Film, an Interactive Appalachia Project

‘Hollow’ debuts on W.Va. Day, screenings Saturday, via the Seattle PI Hollow the Film, via the project’s webste Hollow is a hybrid community participatory project and interactive documentary where content is created “for the community, by the community.” The project combines personal documentary video portraits, user-generated content, photography, soundscapes, interactive data and grassroots mapping on […]

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TWiR: Amazon Goes Indie

Amazon Launches Indie Game Store for PC, via Co-Optimus Amazon Indie Games offers bundles, free games and special sales, via Joystiq Amazon Loves Indie: Introducing the ‘Indie Games Store’ for PC, Mac, and browser-based games, via When I first started writing abou the convergence of the Web, entertainment, and culture for Wired back in […]

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A few months back, my friend Monte told me I needed to watch Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy, which looks at the Skatopia park in Rutland, Ohio. Now I could write a little pithy history of the place, but really it’s better if you just go read about it yourself. Here is how it begins: 50,000,000 BCE :: The first swamp […]

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Thoughts on the Electronic Entertainment Expo

When I worked at in 2000, the two events I looked forward to most where Comic-Con and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Certainly conventions and trade shows rarely offer anything beyond crass commercialism, but these two events (along with my beloved South by Southwest Interactive) have fan threads running through them that energize you. […]

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PBS: The Appalachians

Since we no longer have our Blu-Ray/DVD player, PBS hasn’t given me any way to watch The Appalachians or Appalachia, two mini-series documentaries on the people and the region. As such, I’m stuck watching part one of The Appalachians (thanks to YouTube). If you happen to know where I might purchase digital versions of these […]

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