Pat Robertson Goes Biblical on Dungeons & Dragons

Robertson: Kids face bulimia, anorexia and suicide caused by ‘demonic games’, via The Raw Story In the late 1970s and early 1980s, parents were told their children faced mortal danger because of Dungeons & Dragons. Many of these concerned folks were Christians, and they believed that the game encouraged children to worship the devil, practice […]

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Star Trek Continues: A Fan TV Series

The Star Trek television and film series has nothing to do with our book, however, it’s impossible to deny that science-fiction stories aren’t a big part of the world of computer games. Two weeks ago, Star Trek Continues unveiled its first episode, “Pilgrim of Eternity.” What makes this so special: it’s a fan-based production that […]

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The Monkey Do Project

Each Wednesday, I spend time sifting through various social media streams so that I can find interesting people and projects who may not appear in the news. Yesterday, I came across The Monkey Do Project, which seeks to partner with groups working in Appalachia. As I read about the project, I was reminded of what […]

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The D&D Week in Review: D&D Goes Big Bang

Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar: Raj Has to “Tackle His Own Demons” for Lucy, via The portrayal of Dungeons & Dragons on television has almost universally been as shorthand to establish that the characters are socially awkward. It’s sloppy writing but when you’re trying to cram jokes and plot into 22-minutes, backstories fall by […]

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Economic Development in Appalachia: It’s Not Always about the Roads

Poverty is one of the big themes in So Far Appalachia, particularly how the relationship between local, state, and national governing bodies impacts the region. In The Road to Poverty, researchers found that as rural areas were pulled into the national economy, the long-term effects (at least in Clay County) undermined the local economy. One […]

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Reality Forgotten: A D&D Fan Film

I’ve grown quite fond of fan films throughout the years, particularly clever shorts. “Reality Forgotten” is one that is more clever than film, and anyone who has ever played D&D will recognize this particular scenario. Author Jack Vance Passed Away Author Jack Vance, who had a profound impact on Dungeons & Dragons, passed away. Here […]

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Towards a Solar Powered Appalachia

Twelve years ago, I wrote a short 3-part series at that focused on the disconnect between Appalachia and emerging technologies, particularly broadband access and high-tech business development. The crux of the issue was that rural counties far away from the national highway system had nearly no access to universal high-speed broadband coverage, which meant […]

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