Game Communities: How They Shape What We Know about Community Building Online

I spent most of my life as a journalist working on the digital side of publications like Wired,, and MIT’s Technology Review. One of the reasons I left the profession was the decade-long fight I had with print folks related to how to structure online communities. Still today, it’s not hard to find so-called forward thinking […]

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The Renaissance of TableTop Games

I suppose had John and I really thought through Dungeons & Dreamers back in 2001, we might have considered creating a little cottage industry around the book’s basic premise. As we researched and then created the spider web-like narrative plot points that connected modern computer game developers with Dungeons & Dragons, we were continually struck […]

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Media Tidbits about D&D

I love watching Dungeons & Dragons  and other role-playing games seep into the public consciousness. (Well, maybe not so much when South Park did it, like here or here.) The more we see the games depicted — even when depicted with its most nerdy roots — the more people begin to internalize the idea that these game […]

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Oh the Larp (and RPG) School Days

Outside my fancy and lucrative writing career, I’m also a professor at Ball State University where I’m the director of our Digital Media Minor, an online-only program that teaches students digital story development and design. We’ve spent a great deal of time searching for ways to make the program less individualistic, which is a problem facing […]

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