The Final Flight

As I’ve worked on the book, I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling to visit important monuments to my family’s past and to meet relatives and friends of the family whom have kept our story alive. The one person I hadn’t had the chance to meet, though, was my grandmother’s youngest […]

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Mammoth Cave, the beginning

While returning from a trip this past weekend, I asked my wife if we could swing by Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Without hesitation, she said yes (and then I launched into an entirely unnecessary history of computer games.) I wanted to visit the place that helped inspire one of the first computer games: Colossal Cave Adventure, […]

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Live-streaming a D&D Game

There’s too much goodness here to explain. Please just watch the video and you can follow the Twitter stream as well. Other Links: ’80s favorite returns as app with old interactive magic, via the Chicago Tribune Dungeons & Dragons at the movies, via The Cine Family (if you happen to be in Los Angeles August […]

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Transmedia Games in the World of the PC

What Vin Diesel Can Teach You About Transmedia, via Transmedia Coalition Psych – The Hashtag Killer and The S#cial Sector, via Robots and Fountain Pens Without divulging too many of our trade secrets, John and I have been kicking around the idea of including transmedia games near the end of our book. We’re not quite […]

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Chris Roberts: “Star Citizen”

When we wrote the first edition of Dungeons & Dreamers, Chris Roberts was a minor character in our narrative. That doesn’t mean we found him unimportant. His story just mirrored our main narrative. As such, he appears mostly in two chapters (as Origin Systems becomes part of Electronic Arts.) When I first met Richard in […]

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The Impact of Appalachian Culture

The Evolution of Appalachian Culture, via Yahoo Voices Almost without question, I grow concerned whenever I see people writing about Appalachia in broad sweeping terms. Unquestionably it’s a knee-jerk reaction to reading countless stories by people who characterize the region by its least common denominators. But this piece doesn’t fall into that. Instead it’s an […]

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