The Final Flight

As I’ve worked on the book, I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling to visit important monuments to my family’s past and to meet relatives and friends of the family whom have kept our story alive. The one person I hadn’t had the chance to meet, though, was my grandmother’s youngest […]

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The Impact of Appalachian Culture

The Evolution of Appalachian Culture, via Yahoo Voices Almost without question, I grow concerned whenever I see people writing about Appalachia in broad sweeping terms. Unquestionably it’s a knee-jerk reaction to reading countless stories by people who characterize the region by its least common denominators. But this piece doesn’t fall into that. Instead it’s an […]

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Film: The Melungeons

The ‘Lost Tribe of Appalachia, via Legacy of the Lost Tribe’s Origin, via Melungeon Secret Solved, Sort of, via I’d never heard the term Melungeon until I worked at Wired. While I was there our science writer Kristen Philipkoski wrote a series of pieces about genetics and Appalachia. Since then, I’ve learned […]

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Hollow the Film, an Interactive Appalachia Project

‘Hollow’ debuts on W.Va. Day, screenings Saturday, via the Seattle PI Hollow the Film, via the project’s webste Hollow is a hybrid community participatory project and interactive documentary where content is created “for the community, by the community.” The project combines personal documentary video portraits, user-generated content, photography, soundscapes, interactive data and grassroots mapping on […]

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