A few months back, my friend Monte told me I needed to watch Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy, which looks at the Skatopia park in Rutland, Ohio. Now I could write a little pithy history of the place, but really it’s better if you just go read about it yourself. Here is how it begins: 50,000,000 BCE :: The first swamp […]

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PBS: The Appalachians

Since we no longer have our Blu-Ray/DVD player, PBS hasn’t given me any way to watch The Appalachians or Appalachia, two mini-series documentaries on the people and the region. As such, I’m stuck watching part one of The Appalachians (thanks to YouTube). If you happen to know where I might purchase digital versions of these […]

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The Monkey Do Project

Each Wednesday, I spend time sifting through various social media streams so that I can find interesting people and projects who may not appear in the news. Yesterday, I came across The Monkey Do Project, which seeks to partner with groups working in Appalachia. As I read about the project, I was reminded of what […]

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Economic Development in Appalachia: It’s Not Always about the Roads

Poverty is one of the big themes in So Far Appalachia, particularly how the relationship between local, state, and national governing bodies impacts the region. In The Road to Poverty, researchers found that as rural areas were pulled into the national economy, the long-term effects (at least in Clay County) undermined the local economy. One […]

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A Needle in a Haystack

“If you do it will be, in the writer’s opinion, almost a copy of the German jaeger rifle because these Bakers were making guns from 1717-1754 — the earliest gunsmiths I have found in this area of Pennsylvania.” — Sam Dyke, 1972. “The Baker Family of Gunsmiths in Lancaster, County 1717-1754 The problem with history […]

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Lancaster, PA

I arrived in Lancaster just a little after noon today after surviving a drive that took me through the foggy Appalachia mountains, torrential rain down pours, and hours of driving time without mobile cell service. As some severe weather is headed my way, I skipped some of the preliminary research today and instead got my […]

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