We must find a way to create spaces for women where they are free to push and explore the boundaries of what they can do. A note on what I’ve heard this weekend.… Read More

We tell ourselves that sports teaches valuable lessons. But what does that actually mean? As the Florence Freedom prepare to host the Frontier League’s Y’All-Star game, author Brad King explores those questions with the independent league baseball players.… Read More

Zach, 25, only played baseball for three years. His parents were divorced, and he didn’t really have anyone around to teach him the game. More than a decade later, he bought season tickets to the Pirates. This is why he did that. Follow the book project on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to the CATCH mailing… Read More

Liam Coghlan, 26, is facing the end of his baseball career after an ACL injury in college. Because of that, he started Diamond and a Dream at The Vandal, an organization that will use baseball to help teach kids about life. Still, I asked went through his head when the doctor’s told him he might… Read More

Author Trey Dowell said if he and wife had a child, he’d definitely teach him the game. I asked him why he was so adamant about that (because it’s a sentiment I’ve heard expressed in nearly every interview).… Read More

Florence Freedom player Taylor Oldham has a background you don’t normally find in professional baseball: He was home schooled. That means baseball was his Physical Education class. That also meant he wasn’t sure exactly how good he was. Until the first day of Little League tryouts.… Read More

Catch isn’t really about baseball. That’s a red herring. A red herring I happen to love, but a red herring none the less. The book is really about something much deeper. The game isn’t just a metaphor for life. It’s the conduit through which fathers teach their sons.… Read More

Not every baseball story is about playing. Most of my memories from the game came during the down times. My favorite story: The day the bird pooped on my mom’s head.… Read More

When I was just around nine or ten, I broke my arm before a big playoff game. And by “big” I mean either tee-ball or coach pitch. And by “playoff game” I mean last games of the season. My dad asked the doctor to place my cast below the elbow and above my wrist so I could keep playing.
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