As my wife and I begin to consider adding little people to our family, I find myself thinking about what I want to tell them when they arrive. I have a little notebook of “Things to Tell the Kids.” Most involve gender-less advice such as “Find your voice,” “Be active in your life decisions,” and… Read More

A little over a year ago, I convinced my then fiance that we needed a dog. This made little sense on the surface for a number of reasons: we had been together less than 4 months, we still lived in 2 locations, we were trying to sell her house and figure out where we were… Read More

The 90-in-90 writing challenges I’ve posted have sometimes taken on a life on their own. Other times they’ve taken on my life. And other times still they have simply faded away. Fortunately, I’m way more into process than product so the outcome of my personal missions is rarely the point. For this challenge, though, the… Read More

I’ve sat here in tears re-reading one of my favorite Jon Katz’ pieces about the death of a family pet. I first found Katz after Columbine with “Voices from the Hellmouth.” Later I would teach his book Geeks in my class. Now, I sit here sobbing reading an excerpt from his book,¬†Going Home: Finding Peace… Read More

**Here’s a synopsis: I’m looking for running partners on Saturday, September 29 to help me with a training run on the Monon. Any distance, any leg are helpful. I’ll be running between a 9:30-10:30 pace depending on the day. Feel free to leave a comment or drop a line if you’re interested.** I’m two months… Read More

Maxx, the dog is tuckered out this weekend after a 20-mile running week so I gave him Sunday off. Instead, my beautiful fiancee and I decided that after yesterday’s house hunting drive, we’d take a bike ride through some of the neighborhoods we liked. We got out a little bit later than we hoped (and… Read More

In 1972 (weeks after I was born), my family moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Carmel, Indiana. Despite my young age, I have quite a few recollections of our time there. Four years later, we moved to Loveland where I spent a rather idyllic childhood. In 1994, I graduated from Miami (OH) University. I disliked my… Read More

The New Year used to mean very little to me, another day on the calendar. One more step towards the Great Oblivion when I could finally rest without the burden that addicts know too well. It was Amateur Hour, the day when the whole world acted like I did the other 364 days of the… Read More