The Year of Friends

Since I’m taking 2010 by the horns with The Year of Health, I thought it good to handle the other side of things as well. One of the problems (I use this term loosely as it’s not really a problem) about being single is it’s very easy to get caught up in the dating game. […]

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The Year of Health

On January 5, one of my students, Ben Luttrull, tagged me in a Facebook Note. He said he was starting on a program to get into better shape after years of neglect. His goal: lose 35 pounds and reorganize some of his life priorities. He tagged a few people who he hoped would support, cajole […]

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“‘Really’ for an Animal is Whatever its Brain Needs it to be in Order to Assist its Survival”

There’s an un-driven purposefulness happening in my life right now, a mode to which I’m unaccustomed. This is the type of silent, meandering emptiness from which I fled just a few years ago. The quiet solitude was meant only for hiding, the hollow space filled with the terror-filled visions of my head of what might […]

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A House, In Pieces

We’re slowly upgrading the digs here in Austin. It’s a long process made more difficult by my current posting in Muncie, Indiana. Still we’re making process on the home. We’re slowly getting the living room put together, although I can’t convince Andy that we should buy furniture, namely that modern Tulip dining table. He’s convinced […]

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The Return

It’s day one back at the job, a return that I actually found to be far more pleasant than I would have imagined. I’m not accustomed to this warm feeling. I had, actually, dreaded today so much because of my life before now. In previous years, a return to my work usually was also filled […]

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This Cabin Thing

General Butler State Park. This is my writing refuge. The place I go where there is no other place for me to go. The chaotic swirls of my life don’t find their way here. I am not sure why. I do not question these places. And yet I don’t always trust the quiet solitude. I […]

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I’ve been surrounded, for the last 24 hours, by the mistakes of my life. The living, breathing ones. An object lesson in the non-linearity of time. No matter the distance traveled away from them, they are never more than a blink away. I am not sure what to do with them. Which is a lie. […]

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Spaced Oddities

The night sometimes wraps itself around me. There’s an oddness to it that I can’t quite explain. Emptiness and hollow, a long, dark hallway. I think it’s way I don’t slow down. Or rarely slow down. Like a child who sprints up the stairs after flipping the light switch, desperately trying to beat the blackness. […]

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The Fortress of Solitude

I’m sitting on my couch in Austin, the end of a long day. The calm before the Conference. It’s already been an amazing trip, a decompression after the insanity of ABC’s Extreme Makeover week. Certainly much drier than it was. Not that I’m in much better shape. I forgot that 80 degrees is the norm […]

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The Night Before…

There’s been only a very short period in my life when I’ve enjoyed flying. And enjoyed was probably not what it was. Probably fatigue, a soured relationship that exists near the back edge between the first months’ bliss and the final months’ disgusted disinterest. The area of empty casualness. My life in Berkeley involved flying. […]

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