Day 28: Heat Index Run

On Friday, we went on a 17.8 mile bike ride because we were feeling cheeky. By Saturday morning, we’d wished we’d thought that through a little more.

We knew Saturday’s Indy Runners 8-mile run was going to be brutal because it was 80 degrees at 2 am when we had to take Maxx, the dog out for his evening constitution. It’s hard to describe the misery that comes with a trip outside in that kind of heat. Needless to say, it was hardly better at 7:30 am when we set about.

There’s little sense in recapping the run; rest assured, it was not a tremendous amount of fun for Rebecca. This was her first long run in marathon training, and it was the hottest run in the collective memory of Indy Runners. An inauspicious beginning to training.

However, we ended well. One of the nice runner was snapping pictures, and he snagged this one as we were walking away:

Day 26: Training Commences…in the Heat

Maxx has gotten released from much exercise this week because of the sweltering heat. We did get out on the trail on Monday for 5 miles. It was rough for the little guy, but he made several new friends during our frequent water stops. Nothing makes people happier on the trail than petting our happy dude.

As for us, Rebecca is now week 1 into her marathon training and I’ve joined her (although I have no race in mind). I’m also continuing to work on my overall fitness with biking and Crossfit mixed in with the runs. 

We love our work weeks, but oly cow is Crossfit tough We’ve been going to the 9 am class, which is a rough way to start the day but it sure makes breakfast taste good.

More to come, but for now, the 90-in-90 continues to go well.

Day 22: Marathon Training Begins…

While I’m not running any races this year, I am trying to get my body (and my dog) in shape so that I can tackle some big adventure races next year. Since I’m old and not really an athlete anymore, I wanted to make sure the training — biking, CrossFit, and running — didn’t overwhelm me.

Last night, we finished up our training plan through October, and today started the journey.

On our first run, I packed a bunch of my ultra-gear, which meant I could take my camera. Here’s Maxx, post water break, doing his majestic thing.


Day 20: And Then it Rained

No Maxx running today. The rain sloshed the dog park, but we’re lining up a Dog + Brad 5k tomorrow morning before The Girl and I head to Nashville, Indiana for The Great In-Law Introductions of 2012. 

Today, Rebecca started training for a fall marathon. We joined the Indy Runners Club for its Saturday 7:30 am run. We went 6 miles, stopped for a quick coffee and change of clothes, and then headed out on a 12.5 mile bike ride. Eventually we’re going to work CrossFit into that morning as well. This was not that day.

We’ve started, though, and that’s what matters. We love our weekend fitness routine, and I can’t wait to get Maxx more involved once we get moved to the Monon.

Aside: I’ve signed up for the 5×50, an organization that’s encouraging people to run, walk, or cycle a 5k every day for 50 days. It starts in September, and I’m currenty trying to convince the girl to join me. You should as well. 

Day 18: Looking for Partners in Adventure Crime

The 100-degree weather settled in and Maxx wanted nothing to do with the outdoors. I’m getting up at 6 am tomorrow to take him out. One way or another, he’s exercising this week.

My juices are starting to kick in, though, and while I’ve abandoned all racing plans this year, I’ve got my eyes on next year. I’m definitely doing the Appalachia marathon again. But I’m also looking for some partners for rather insane events next year.

I’m trying to persuade by friend Austin to do the TransRockies, and he’s set on the Ragbrai. I’m up for everything. Interested in getting weird and adventure-some?

Drop me a line. Send up a signal. Let’s do this.


I’m dropping out of this year’s Grandfather Mountain Marathon while I get in bike and CrossFit shape. Next year, I’m back but I’m only doing adventure races. Road races don’t do it for me anymore. However, if you’re interested in a brutal mountain marathon, I’m down.

Grandfather Mountain Marathon ends at the Scottish Highlands Games, and is well worth the trip.

I may be persuaded to run this year’s Tecumseh Trail Marathon in December if I start getting back in running shape. 

Day 16: Revenge of Maxx

I’ve not had time to write the last two days (but tomorrow I’ve got an 8-hour block of time ready to go), but Maxx and I have hit the trail before the coming of the heat. 

Today’s epic 3.5 mile run was our fastest yet, clocking in at 9:20 miles. The only elements holding us back: the bathroom and traffic. Other than that, we were cruising at roughly 8:30 miles, which is pretty good for us. (CrossFit and biking are starting to show results.)

I’m still trying to work out my camera issue. My Android Galaxy is too large for most arm phone holders, and the only way I can carry my phone is if I strap my Nathan on my back. I may start doing that just so you can see Maxx freak out when squirrels run by. It’s worth it.

(As a side note, Rebecca and I now bike at least 30 miles per week. We bought her clip-in pedals and shoes, which we tried out today. She loved them. My new bike shoes still need a little tweaking: they are self-assembly and I’ve got to get the spacing worked out. Either way: we are bike fanatics at the moment.)

Day 14: Maxx sleeps, we bike

Maxx spent the day zoinked on the couch — 24 hours of farm living and 30 Huttons was too much for him — but Rebecca and I hit the Monon for a 19-mile ride from Broad Ripple to Carmel. 

Events that happened:

  1. My tire, which blew out on Thursday, held up for the entire trip and then went completely flat when we removed it from the bike rack and touched the ground;
  2. This happened in front of Bike Line, as we got Rebecca new pedals and clip-in shoes because…
  3. She couldn’t keep up with me since I did have clip-ins but…
  4. My shoes have long been too tight, so I bought new shoes as well, which I had to assemble (more on that).
  5. We took the bike to the service garage, where Rebecca’s pedals were being assembled and they used the new spare tired I’d just purchased. Along the way, they showed us what went wrong when we’d replaced the old tire.
  6. (Have I mentioned, we just learned the secret to inflating our tires? The values must be unscrewed first before you can pump air.)

Needless to say: We rode 19.1 miles, spent too much money on new shoes, pedals, and tires, and today we feel like bikers. Me: I spent the afternoon (in between studying) putting together my new shoes, which comes in 5 parts and must be assembled so that the clip-ins sit level with each other (lest your shoes cause you to use different parts of each leg to pedal).

Now we’re ready to bike, which is good because I’ve tweaked my knee in CrossFit and I’m nervous about putting too many ground miles on it right now. No worries, though. I’ve got these:

Day 13: We’ve Fallen

Our bodies broken just a bit, we did a last CrossFit on Thursday and then packed the car and headed south for a family reunion. 

Two days of glorious nothing. Maxx ran around at the dog park and on the farm. We ate, and hung out.

Sunday we begin again with a 14-mile bike ride. Followed by writing.

Day 10: Popping tires, lighting fires

There are no days off in 90-in-90s.

While The Girl and I planned on doing an 18-mile bike trip this AM, Broad Ripple CrossFit yesterday broke our wills. There was no 7:15 wake-up. Instead, we slept until 8:30 and then hobbled around the house.

We finally took out the bikes, and headed to MoJoes for a day of writing. I got quite a bit accomplished, which was a nice change.

Unfortunately, I blew a tire heading home. Thankfully, my gorgeous fiancee is also a whiz with the bike-thingies. After a quick change, we headed home.

Maxx hit the dog park for 30 minutes, but mostly he laid around until it was time for training. While The Girl handled that, I ran to REI to replenish the bike supplies I used up (tire, 3 CO2 cartridges) and get my savior a new water bottle.

Just moments before I blew out my tire turning on New York Street

Day 8: Too hot, must sleep

I slept terribly last evening so we didn’t get out to our run until 9:30 am. By then, the heat had come. Maxx, the dog had to stop for water and relaxation three times. Really, though, I couldn’t blame him. It was 88 degrees when we finished.

He’s celebrating now by sleeping. Every few minutes he gets up, wanders somewhere else, and then falls asleep.


Day 7: House Hunting

Maxx, the dog is tuckered out this weekend after a 20-mile running week so I gave him Sunday off. Instead, my beautiful fiancee and I decided that after yesterday’s house hunting drive, we’d take a bike ride through some of the neighborhoods we liked.

We got out a little bit later than we hoped (and I only made her sad twice), but once we were on the road we fell in love with Lexington Farms, and if all goes well we’ll find a place we like in the neighborhood next year. (We do have two other back-ups, and we’re continuing to look). 

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