The Summer of Run: “Earned” 2

This essay hasn’t come easily, but after 4 hours of writing tonight I’ve finally finished 2,000 words of Act 1. Here’s the stunning conclusion (Crossing the Threshold one might even say): I’d run the Percy Warner Park trail nearly 7 minutes faster than I’d done the day before, girded by a knowledge of the trail […]

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The Summer of Run: Earned

Tonight’s essay wasn’t written. I stared at the screen for 90 minutes, trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to say. Or, more accurately, trying to figure out what the essay wanted to say. By the time I figured it out, I’d been here nearly three hours. However, the outline is complete, which […]

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The Summer of Run: Within the Deluge

I just finished the draft of my second essay for The Summer of Run: An Addict’s Journey. “Within the Deluge” tells the story of my very first moments at my very first campground, as the skies opened up and I was forced to pitch in some pretty terrible conditions. This is from Act 3 of that […]

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The Summer of Run: From “Fail Hard”

A man in Cincinnati jumped out of a hotel window. As he passed each floor, people could hear him say: “So far, so good.” – butchered joke told by Steve McQueen’s character in The Magnificent Seven I’m taking this week to settle into my routine at the house. Tomorrow I’ll run, and begin work on […]

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The Summer of Run: An Addict’s Journey

I’ve been contemplating this for several weeks, but I wasn’t sure where I stood until last night. As I hiked through Palo Duro Canyon, it struck me that I wanted to turn this summer’s adventure into something more than just a blog. As I first thought about what this might be, I struggled to wrap […]

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Day #12: Hiking Palo Duro

After my first run, I decided to end the day with a 2 1/2 mile hike around one of the edges of the Canyon. I’ll spare you the narrative. However, I have two more answers for why I would willingly camp in a place with temperatures that hit 109 during the day:

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Day #11: Scouting the Palo Duro Canyon Run

I’m set up for tomorrow’s training run: an 5.5 mile out-and-back along a trail I’m told is amazingly beautiful, ending out the “Lighthouse” rock. I expect to bring back pictures. The Givens, Spicer, and Lowery Trail is 1/2 of the Palo Duro Trail Run ultra-marathon that takes place here in October. I’m planning on coming […]

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Day #10: A Journey So Far

Editor’s Note: I wrote this piece before my 9-mile run this morning, a quick out-and-back over most of the trail I was supposed to run yesterday. *** After Monday’s brutality, there’s little chance my body will allow anything like that to happen today. Instead, I’ve made the executive decision to push as close to Canyon, […]

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