Day #4: Exploring Asheville

Wednesdays are my off days, which in Muncie means I spend most of my time lounging around my town home doing a whole lot of nothing. I’d like to say I’m motivated to get out and do activities in my town of residence but there’s not a culture of activity there. Here in Asheville – […]

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Day #3: The Asheville Base Camp

I’m sitting in my tent, nestled in the Hard Times loop of the Lake Powahatan Recreational Area. The campground itself is just a small part of the Bent Creek Experimental Forest project on the edges of Asheville, North Carolina. The drive east along Interstate 40 and then south along Interstate 26 was breathtaking. I kept […]

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Day #3: The Percy Warner Summit

I had the opportunity to do two runs while I was in Nashville, both at Percy Warner. I realized when I’d completed the first day that I’d neglected two important particulars: take a picture of the awesome Stone Gate entryway into the park and run the last .3 of a mile to the top of […]

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Day #2: The Percy Warner Ascent

Night falls early at base camp. The sun goes down, the human noise begins to subside, and the night sounds begin to creep. After a long day of running, rain assembly, and general insanity I climbed into my tent at 9:10 p.m. in order to prepare for the Percy Warner Ascent on Monday. (If you’re […]

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Day #1: Lexington to Nashville

After months of planning, I finally launched Brad’s U.S. Trail Adventure. I awoke at 6:30 a.m., grabbed my gear, had a quick bite of breakfast with the Mom and Dad, and his the road. I had a 2-hour drive to Lexington, Kentucky where I was slated to run 6-8 miles on the Legacy Trail, a […]

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Trail Failing

I sent an email to a friend of mine today explaining why I’m embarking on this 11 state, 7 park running/camping trip. She’s become rather important in my life recently, and I find myself sharing not only the events of life but also the reasons behind those events. That’s not easy to do. It’s hard […]

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Brad’s US Trails Adventure: The Itinerary

After weeks of kicking around itineraries, I’ve finally settled upon the course for the southern part of Brad’s US Trail Adventure. (You can see the whole map here, including the places I won’t be going). Many of these trails are in Runner’s World’s “25 Best Trail Runs in America” series that I stumbled upon several […]

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The Trails and Gear

For years, I prided myself on my ability to pick up and leave without a second’s thought. My life was set up in such a way that I could be out the door and gone without leaving a trace in about an hour. There were many reasons for it —  youth, drinking, the exploration bug […]

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I Ran in Denver, or A Lesson in Failure

5280 feet above sea level. One mile high, according to the football stadium. Everyone warned me that running in Denver was going to be challenging. “Drink lots of water,” I was told. “Expect to run 1-2 minutes slower,” I was told. “Make sure you let me know how you feel after,” one person asked, laughing. […]

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The Running Road to Appalachia

In 67 days, I shall line up on the track at Appalachian State University with several hundred runners and begin a grueling 26.2 mile run through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina as part of the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. I’m anxious about this race. We only have 5 1/2 hours to finish as our […]

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