Tim Minchin: The Good Book

I had a discussion with someone about religion awhile back and the argument made was The Bible is truth because it is. It’s hard to argue logically with that idea. Had I known about Tim Minchin, I would have played this in response. (On an un-related note, I will be purchasing all of Ricky Gervais […]

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Social Media + Your Friendships

Finally, other material in the report indicates that texting is happening in addition to other forms of social interaction. Thus, another interpretation is that teens actually have more access and more informal, casual contact because of texting. This is because texting is woven into the flow of other activities. In essence their friends are always […]

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The Importance of NASA

Here’s what 1/2 a penny on the dollar buys you, according to astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson: If you listen to nothing else, skip to the 4 minute mark. The best examples of why technologists point out that the future technology and innovation isn’t coming from America. And won’t. Without a radical shifting of our priorities.

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Things About Sprint (77 of 90)

I was 28 when I graduated from Berkeley. 30 when I left Wired (and San Francisco). I bring that up because 10 years later (or 8 years later if you’re doing the math), I don’t feel particularly smarter than I was back then. I do feel more well-rounded. Which I guess is a way of […]

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Speeches + Talks (76 of 90)

I am asked to speak to groups regularly. This is something that, years ago, I thought would be very cool. When I first attended the South by Southwest Interactive and Music conferences in Austin in 1994 or 1995 (I can’t ever remember when I began going), I remember sitting in the panel sessions day-dreaming about […]

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I am Mainstream (71 of 90)

I’m angry. Well, angry isn’t exactly what I am. It’s not Hulk Smash anger. It’s some weird combination of frustrations, annoyance, alone-ness and emptiness wrapped into a people sandwich. Why? The continued insistence that the world that I exist within – this nebulous world of technology – is somehow not part of the mainstream. *** […]

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