The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism

In response to the work Brian, Matt and I presented this past weekend (which is now behind a password-protected wall), my friend Evan Ratliff forwarded me this essay written in Harper’s a few years back. It’s a treatise on influence, the commons and remix culture. It says more elegantly what we are beginning to say […]

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Angsty (64 of 90)

I’m not a big fan of arguments. Which surprises some people. But only the ones who don’t know me very well. My friends understand this about me. I will absolutely have arguments about the strengths needed to build a winning baseball team or the importance of defensive tackles in football. I will do so vociferously […]

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Shut Your Digital Native Piehole (52 of 90)

There are no digital natives. There, I said it. I feel better. Not that I haven’t said it before. In fact, it’s been a battle I’ve been having for nearly a decade since the term first appeared in Marc Prensky’s 1991 piece Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, which makes an interesting theoretical argument about modern students. […]

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Techno-Files, or Anatomy of a Link-Bait Vanity Fair Story

Nearly three weeks after the Vanity Fair thrashing Cincinnati and Appalachia hit the Web, my hometown media finally caught the Fever. The last 24 hours has been an interesting mix of blogo-rage, media coverage and Twitter conversation. As a journalist, a professor and an author, I’m intrigued by how stories develop. This one in particular. […]

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