Fear + Loathing

I find it difficult to concentrate these days. My mind is wandering back to days gone and forgotten now. The bad old days. When life was more interesting. Seat of the pants. The first writing professional writing assignment I ever had took me to Louisville for a poetry and writing festival put on by Ron […]

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Scenes from TedXCincy

A huge thanks to the photographers roaming the grounds during the TedXCincy event. You can check out the entire group here. Here are a few shots of my stalking the stage: My opening discussion about how story 3.0: Telling Stories The beginning of my discussion about the ideas of Vannevar Bush and JCR Licklider, which […]

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TedxCincy (Addendum)

It’s always weird to do the vanity search after giving a talk. It’s also particularly hard for me because that moment before feedback comes is awful. I have a creative mind convinced that I’m quite bad at what I do. Which means I’m always – always – expecting the worst. My head is like a […]

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The Appalachian Trail Project

There’s a website called Kickstarter that enables people who have an idea to solicit help in working on a project. If the project doesn’t “make” – that is, if there aren’t enough funds generated – nobody pays and the project goes away. I’m a big believer in the micro-loan way, giving individuals the opportunity to […]

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Out There (79 of 90)

The dream was always a little cabin, in the middle of nowhere, away from humanity, where I couldn’t cause anymore damage. I can see the cabin, a small 2 room place. The bedroom and living area separated by a door. One story. I have never much cared for two. It’s too difficult to escape. Too […]

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