Hank is Going to Hell

I’ve been hearing about this show for some time. Since I don’t have cable I missed out until it hits Netflix Instant Streaming. (Because I would never advocate going to Bit Torrent and downloading — illegally, I might add — material that should rightfully be controlled by companies, you know, just like the Founding Fathers believed. Happy Fourth.)

Now I’m 2 episodes in and fairly certain I’ll spend another night on the couch, watching the greatest show ever made. Wondering why I am not in L.A. writing for Showtime. Or in New York writing self-referential novels. Somewhere writing.

Either way it’s nice to be around people I know. People I like. People I get.

Thanks Californication. For reminding me about all the things I love about being a writer. All the things that I’ve forgotten in the last few years. The things I’m starting to remember.

(And mom, dad – DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS. SHOW.)

My Infinite Jest

I’ve been wandering around the city, looking for places that inspire me to write because I find if I go to the same place too often — if I repeat the same patterns — I begin to find my mind in an infinite loop.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, one I wonder if other folks have. I don’t get the idea that they do but not living inside their heads, I can’t say for sure. If I don’t bump myself out of the rut, if I don’t consciously force myself to go other places and experience other things outside my routine, I find myself spiraling into a creative void.

I get stuck on one point. I get locked into one idea, scribbling and scribing on it until it becomes something different entirely, something new and so far removed from its origins that only I can understand the thought train.

It happens in my life as well. Patterns are important for my sanity. It’s part of a little thing called Obsessive Compulsion Personality Disorder, an issue that I’ve been dealing with (consciously) since 2001 thanks to a great therapist in San Francisco.

According to Wikipedia:

a personality disorder which involves an obsession with perfection, rules, and organization. People with OCPD may feel anxious when they perceive that things are not “right.” This can lead to routines and “rules” for ways of doing things, whether for themselves or their families.

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Writing Days

Jenn came down from Indianapolis yesterday for one of our writing days.

She arrived around 11 am and we wrote until 445 (with a short break for lunch at a bistro down the street), followed by some reading and some chit-chat. My writing time with her, like it is with John, are quite precious to me. I look forward to those times because while writing is a solitary endeavor (we sit across the table from each other and write without much talking), it’s — for me — done and shared in the company of writers.

There are few people I share my work with on that kind of personal level (although I do have my draft work floating around in various states). And those who I do share with are people whose work I need to be around.

I can honestly say that one of the reasons that I took the job in Muncie was to be closer to Jenn, which will increase our frequency of working days.

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