Things I Do With My Spare Time

Occasionally I forget that being a writer involves two writing and searching for inspiration. I forget that writing for the audience that has found me keeps me from doing both of those. I question myself. I question the words I put on the page. What will they think? Is this bigger, smarter, deeper than the […]

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The Fallen

Nathaniel Hawthorne. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hunter S. Thompson. David Foster Wallace. These are my mentors, the writers in my life who have shaped my thinking, my narratives, my words. They are the familiar community of comfort, the places I visit when I’m lost. That they tell, in some manner, stories about the American Dream — […]

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The Fedora

It’s been a long time coming but I finally hit Kohl’s and got myself a fedora. I am not sure if that is going to make me a better writer. Actually I know that it won’t. But I don’t care. I like hats. I like fedoras. And I think writers should wear them. So I […]

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You Need a Bigger Theme

A long time ago there was a girl. And the future wasn’t something meant to be made. We were just waiting for the thing we could already see, arrive. We lived our lives together. That way. With few doubts. Directed. It was the first time I’d ever experienced that inevitability with someone else. My parents […]

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Hank is Going to Hell

I’ve been hearing about this show for some time. Since I don’t have cable I missed out until it hits Netflix Instant Streaming. (Because I would never advocate going to Bit Torrent and downloading — illegally, I might add — material that should rightfully be controlled by companies, you know, just like the Founding Fathers […]

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My Infinite Jest

I’ve been wandering around the city, looking for places that inspire me to write because I find if I go to the same place too often — if I repeat the same patterns — I begin to find my mind in an infinite loop. It’s an interesting phenomenon, one I wonder if other folks have. […]

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Writing Days

Jenn came down from Indianapolis yesterday for one of our writing days. She arrived around 11 am and we wrote until 445 (with a short break for lunch at a bistro down the street), followed by some reading and some chit-chat. My writing time with her, like it is with John, are quite precious to […]

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