Kickstarter, Day 1

At 8:30 am this morning, I clicked the Launch button and watched my Kickstarter project aimed at funding the completion of So Far Appalachia go live. The moment was both anticlimactic (no band started playing) and terrifying (the clock started ticking). Years of writing, researching, and editing suddenly became very real, and the fate of […]

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Greetings: I appreciate you stopping by the home of my little project, So Far Appalachia: An American Mythology. Throughout the next few years, I’ll be building creating a multi-media, interactive book about my family, The Bakers of Manchester, Kentucky. We have a long, colorful history and I hope you enjoy reading about it. I’m also […]

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SFA About the Book

In June 1935, Bobby Baker got in his car in Hamilton, Ohio and headed south towards the Central Appalachian town of Manchester, Kentucky, the place his family helped found in early 1800s. Bobby was an enigma. A man bound by generations of family honor and duty, he still managed to spend a great deal of […]

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Berea College

I spent the last few days at Berea College, digging through the Appalachian Feuds special collections. There was some good information there. It’s mostly filler material, the backdrop information for the story. But I have 200 pages of material coming to me. The drive down was spectacular. While some folks complain about the flatlands of […]

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Notes from the Clay County War

I’ve been in the special collections section of the Berea College archives. Until recently, this school had a large number of files associated with my family and the 100-year feud in Southern Kentucky. Apparently those files are now in Manchester, the County Seat. Still, I found some interesting tidbits in the New York Times: From […]

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