Christmas 1995, I left Cincinnati and set about my adventure into the real world. I had $2,000, no job, and no place to live. That seemed about right. I was down to my last $5 when I got two jobs on the same day: barback at Planet Austin on 6th Street and waiter at Trudy’s… Read More

“That’s crazy,” people oftentimes exclaim when they find out about my running. “Why would you do that?” It is, as it turns out, an unanswerable question, at least in the way that the person asking the question is used to receiving answers. There are no words that can convey the feeling that comes when you’re… Read More

Today was a good day. It’s 3 a.m. and I just put down the paint brush for the night. I spent the last four hours caulking and painting the new trim in my home, and painting three doors. I didn’t get started until just around 11 p.m. because I went to visit some friends, people… Read More

This is from Essay #4, which is a treatise on my first major run of the summer. I was camped at the base of Mt. Pisgah, just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. This particular mountain is nearly one-mile high, and the run I was about to try was 3,600 feet along a 6.5 mile route… Read More

This essay hasn’t come easily, but after 4 hours of writing tonight I’ve finally finished 2,000 words of Act 1. Here’s the stunning conclusion (Crossing the Threshold one might even say): I’d run the Percy Warner Park trail nearly 7 minutes faster than I’d done the day before, girded by a knowledge of the trail… Read More

A man in Cincinnati jumped out of a hotel window. As he passed each floor, people could hear him say: “So far, so good.” – butchered joke told by Steve McQueen’s character in The Magnificent Seven I’m taking this week to settle into my routine at the house. Tomorrow I’ll run, and begin work on… Read More

I’ve been contemplating this for several weeks, but I wasn’t sure where I stood until last night. As I hiked through Palo Duro Canyon, it struck me that I wanted to turn this summer’s adventure into something more than just a blog. As I first thought about what this might be, I struggled to wrap… Read More

After weeks of kicking around itineraries, I’ve finally settled upon the course for the southern part of Brad’s US Trail Adventure. (You can see the whole map here, including the places I won’t be going). Many of these trails are in Runner’s World’s “25 Best Trail Runs in America” series that I stumbled upon several… Read More

A few months ago, I received a Save The Date from a friend. I’m not much on weddings for many reasons, none having to do with my feelings about love. I’m quite fond of love, and weddings, and nuptials. I’m not very good at public events. Without spending too much time dwelling, my life as… Read More

One of the great joys of traveling is finding off-beat places that provide a great stay. It’s hit or miss, to be sure and there have been times I’ve missed the mark. For instance, I stayed at the Safari Motor Inn in Los Angeles, inspired by True Romance, and the metal springs sticking out of… Read More