A professional editor since 2004, I’m currently the editor and director of Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC Press. Before that, I worked as a Senior Editor at a national magazine. I’ve also worked with dozens of fiction and nonfiction writers. I’ll bring a professional level of editing to your work, whether you’re seeking an agent or striking out on your own.

  • Proposal Writing: There’s an art to writing nonfiction book proposals. I’ll help craft your pitch, your sample chapter, and your opening email.
  • Story Editing: I’ll read your nonfiction or fiction book, give you high-level notes, a written summary, and conduct one post-mortem phone call.
  • Line Editing: Different than copy editing or proofreading, this edit is a line-by-line analysis of your work. This is a more in-depth version of story editing
  • Self-Publishing: I’ll help you publish your finished manuscript and determine the best way to market your work.


Rates + Workflow

These projects are hard to estimate since each requires a very different skillset. Obviously, story and line editing costs are a bit more labor-intensive and so those projects tend to cost a bit more. However, I’m willing to work with writers who have interesting projects.

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