Leadership Indianapolis

Content Design

The Leadership Indianapolis website was originally built using a customer relationship management database. Because those systems aren’t designed to handle rapidly-changing mobile and Web updates, the site had fallen into disrepair.

I conducted several one-on-one sessions with the company’s vice president, taking notes on the organization’s goals and target audiences. I used those notes to create a large paper prototype of a new website, which included new copywriting, graphics, images, and video. I used those prototypes to have a three-hour discussion with the four members of the organization.

From that, we co-created the new website, making changes to pages and adding content and audience targets.

My graphic designer then created a new series of images and graphic icons, and she took pictures of the board members and everyone who worked at Leadership Indianapolis.

Meanwhile, I re-wrote all the copy for the site by sitting with the vice-president as she explained what each program did.

Once we assembled all the copywriting, graphics, and photos, I used a mobile-responsible WordPress theme (one chosen by Leadership Indianapolis with my direction) and built the site on a staging server.

We switched registration from an antiquated database to Eventbright, a much easier (and public system). We also migrated hosting services.

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