If you’ve ever traveled outside the country – whatever country you would consider be outside of in relation to the one that you are inside of most often – you know there the horrors of Travel Day. Whenever you book a trip, you essentially give up an entire day when you’re moving from one location… Read More

Time flies. The first part of my Euro-adventure is nearly over. Tomorrow at 630 pm Central European Time (that’s +6 to those on the East Coast) I’ll board a plane to London. I’m always amazed at how quickly my time in Berlin flies. And how easily I find settling into a routine with John and… Read More

Sunday morning came — complete with 100 degree summer weather — and Mike, Yonette and Kim were preparing to leave. Kim and I snuck off for an early breakfast and coffee, though, before the rest of the crew emerged from yesterday’s slumber. We had a great time, a nice change from hiking all over the… Read More

Back in high school, my friend Kim and I hung out. A lot. But life happens and we end up taking different routes and sometimes we find ourselves losing touch with people. It’s that very old tale for the two of us. Fortunately, we live in the digital networked age and we found each other… Read More

**Update** John told me tonight the “bar” we were at was a building site that’s only open during the World Cup. Which is the kind of thing that happens all around Berlin. Empty spaces become garden bars. For, you know, however long. ** I’m quite the typical America soccer fan. I played growing up (although… Read More

I’ve land-locked myself in Berlin. Since I never quite refresh my four years of high school German, I can understand almost nothing that’s being said around me. Consequently, I stick pretty close to home most days because I don’t want to be “that guy,” wandering around saying: Ich spreche kleine Deutsch. Auf English, bitte. I… Read More

I have a theory about life: You’re friends with the people you’re friends with because you all hang out in the same place. I have no scientific proof this is true, but I live in America where scientific proof matters less than faith. So I’m going to let this work for me in this case.… Read More

After a day of illness (I spent all of Friday asleep with some nasty sore throat/fever-y thing…thank Thor for Tylenol PM), I went for a rough morning run. The legs were a little wobbly, but it got my blood pumping. Which is good. Because John had a little surprise for me: we were biking about… Read More

We spent the day wandering through Berlin cafes (sandwiched around my run). The afternoon took us to Prenzlauer Berg where we settled at the Entweder Oder Cafe. As always, we first began our excursion with lots of gathering of cords and wires and batteries and things. (Although truth be told, this photo is from our… Read More

I had a plan to combat jet lag. The six-hour time difference (that’s a flash forward to you Lost fans) has wiped me out the last few visits. This time, though, I brought my Tylenol PM, few hours sleep and a can-do attitude. My plan: stay up most of the night before (check), take my… Read More