Life. On Writing. Science + Tech. Teaching. Travel. Those are the Categories on my site, the big buckets under which I live my life. They just evolved. I did not set about choosing them when I started writing on this blog a few years ago, they appeared out of the randomized pieces of words flowing… Read More

I met this dude in 1996, the year I rolled into Austin. We worked together at Trudy’s. We also became best friends over a bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey while discussing how we’d ended up in Austin. The short story: the women we’d been with decided to not be with us. Good enough: we bonded… Read More

I tell my kids that grades are no measure of their learning. No measure of their success. I implore them to laugh at those who wave perfect scores in front of them because it likely means those people never took a risk. Because risk-takers inevitably fall. That’s how we learn. That is how we become… Read More