It’s 1:52 pm on Monday. I’m sitting on a Southern train heading back to London, my last week in the city before I begin my journey home. It’s a bittersweet day, these travel days. I’m always anxious about what’s next but surrounded by the sadness of what I’m leaving behind. This weekend was yet another… Read More

I’m sitting in bed in Brighton, tuckered out completely. The day was an absolute complete blur of activity, but in the best possible way. Aleks and I went for a 10K this morning along the Brighton pier. It was absolutely amazing. We chatting while going at a pretty good clip (8:45 per mile), which included… Read More

The weekend brought close my first full week in London. While I’ve enjoyed my time there, it’s no secret I’m not much of a city boy. I’ve found myself in real life moving farther and further away from the big places. But Friday also meant it was time to pack up and head to Brighton… Read More